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F2WPRO76 June 8th San Jose, Ca
F2WPRO77 June 22nd Sacramento, CA
F2PWRO78 June 30th Minneapolis, MN
F2WPRO79 July 6th Columbus, Oh
F2WPRO80 July 14th Boston, MA
F2WPRO81 July 21 Philadelphia, PA
F2WPRO82 July 28th Baltimore, MD
F2WPRO83 August 3rd Asbury Park, NJ
F2WPRO84 August 11th Danbury, CT
F2WPRO85 August 18th Chicago Il
F2WPRO86 September 8th Reno, NV
F2WPRO87 September 15th/16th TBA
F2WPRO88 September 21st/22nd TBA
F2WPRO89 September 28th Dallas, TX
F2WPRO90 October 6th Orlando, FL
F2WPRO91 October 12/13 TBA