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2014 Denver Fight Club Results




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August 15 2014 at The National Western Complex the Fight To Win promotion held their, Fight Club, Denver Chapter” event.  There were 13 bouts on the card including five professional fights.

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Main event: Lumumba Sayers vs. Canaan Grigsby in a 185 lb. professional fight.  Round one began with hard leg kicks from Sayers before he got a takedown.  Grigsby worked to standing but the fight hit the mat again and Sayers worked GNP and submission attempts.  Grigsby again got to standing and the fighters worked in the clinch with both landing hard strikes and Grigsby pressing the action to end the round.  Round two had back and forth striking to start then Grigsby backed Sayers into the cage and landed a series of punches.  Sayers dropped his hands and motioned for Grigsby to punch him in the head, which Grigsby did.  The fighters went toe-to-toe in several back and forth exchanges before Grigsby got the clinch and landed a knee that stunned Sayers.  Sayers tried to answer but Grigsby flurried with punches to score the KO win with the victory coming at 2:18 of round two.

Latoya Walker vs. Brittany Elkin in a 145 lb. professional fight.  Round one was all standing with Walker landing with more accuracy, regularity and power early in the round.  After some clinch work near the end of the round Elkin began to pressure forward and land with solid punches.  Round two had good striking from both fighters before Elkin trapped a kick for a takedown.  The rest of the round had was back and forth on the ground with Elkin controlling position for more of the time and landing the more effective GNP.  Round three had good back and forth action on the feet with both fighters scoring well.  Walker knocked down Elkin with a teep kick and controlled position on the mat to end the fight working GNP from the top.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Latoya Walker.

Ian Stonehouse vs. Justin Moss in a 155 lb. professional fight.  The fighters clinched and off of the cage Stonehouse scored a takedown.  On the mat Moss worked to close off a guillotine choke but Stonehouse escaped and worked GNP.  Moss defended, reset another guillotine choke, but Stonehouse again escaped and flurried with strikes to get the TKO win at 1:47 of round one.

Sarah McLeod vs. Heather Denny in a 115 lb. professional fight.  Mccleod landed hard leg kicks early then off of the clinch against the cage Denny scored a takedown.  Mccleod secured head control, got full guard, set in a tight guillotine chokeand the rest of the round was Denny defending the choke and Mccleod trying to adjust. Round two had Denny scoring a takedown and working from the top most all of the round including very solid elbow strikes from inside the guard and after passing into side control.  Round three went to the mat after Denny landed a good series of punches.  On the mat Denny controlled position and worked solid GNP until near the end of the round when Mccleod set in a triangle choke that she used for a sweep to end the round on top using GNP to set up an armbar attempt that was defended until the bell ended the fight.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Heather Denny.

Eric Wild vs. Brock Combs in a 200 lb. professional fight.  The fighters traded hard strikes to start then Combs put together several strong flurries of knees in the clinch.  Combs was able to score a takedown and work from back control between GNP and RNC attempts.  In a scramble Combs trapped an arm and after going belly down he closed off the armbar with the tapout coming at 3:24 of round one.

Nick Marr vs. Allen Washington in a 145 lb. title fight. Round one had fast paced, powerful and accurate striking from both fighters with Marr putting his clinch work on display.  To end the round Washington scored a takedown then defended a triangle choke from Marr until the bell ended the round.  Round two had more very fast paced striking with both fighters looking crisp until Marr scored a takedown.  On the mat Marr transitioned to North/South position to set in the fight ending-title winning choke with the tapout coming at 2:40 of round two.

Mark McGlasson vs. Tyler Spurlin in a 135 lb. fight.  The fight started with an accidental groin kick from McGlasson.  On the restart the fighters traded hard strikes with McGlasson working kicks and Spurlin favoring punches.  McGlasson tried for a takedown but Spurlin controlled the fall, took mount and set in an armbar.  McGlasson worked to escape but Spurlin made the necessary adjustments and got the tapout victory at 2:12 of round one.

Luis Delgado vs. Chris Morgan in a 205 lb. fight.  Off of an early clinch Morgan scored a takedown but the action slowed and the referee stood the fighters.  On the restart Morgan used striking to set up the clinch, then a takedown and his follow-up GNP scored Morgan the TKO win at 1:14 of round one.

Mallory Martin vs. Audrey Perkins in a 115 lb. fight.  The fighters clinched early and Martin initiated a takedown but Perkins controlled the fall and ended on top working GNP.  Martin got full guard and the rest of the round was Perkins working strikes and Martin trying for submissions.  Round two was mostly striking with Perkins controlling the distance.  Late in the round Martin closed in for a takedown but Perkins countered with a throw of her own and ended the round on top.  Round three had Perkins landing acurate strikes ad Martin looked to set up a takedown.  At the ten second clacker MArtin shot but Perkins took her over and ended the fight on top.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Audrey Perkins.

Max Madorski vs. Allen Lechuga in a 155 lb. fight.  Off of a fast striking exchange Madorski slipped to the mat and Lechuga took advantage by securing back control and setting in the fight ending RNC with the tapout coming at :52 of round one.

Daymar Ortiz vs. Josh Sudmeir in a 135 lb. fight.  Round one had Ortiz scoring multiple takedowns and Sudmeir working off of his back.  Ortiz landed an illegal GNP elbow and the fighters were brought to standing, but Ortiz clinched, scored a takedown and the round ended with both fighters working GNP, Ortiz from the top and Sudmeir off of his back.  Round two began with a strong aggressive striking attack bu Sudmeir including a knee to the body that dropped Ortiz.  Sudmeir took back control to try for an RNC but Ortiz escaped, got to standing, scored a takedown, took back control and set in the fight winning RNC with the stoppage coming at 2:14 of round two.

Gigi Good vs. Jennah Mcalister in a 135 lb. fight.  Round one was primarily spent with the fighters clinched and working knee strikes and mixing in dirty boxing with Good scoring the higher number of, and more powerful strikes.  Round two was also almost all standing cinch work with Good scoring well and Mcalister countering.  Near the end of the round Mcalister scored a hip toss takedown to get some GNP but Good scrambled to standing and Mcalister kept head control until the bell ended the round.  Round three had more solid clinch work and knee strikes from Good and both fighters spent time working for takedowns.  Good took it to the mat once but quickly Mcalister came to standing and the fighters ended the fight clinched throwing strikes.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Gigi Good.

Luis Lao vs. Tanner Fujii in a 155 lb. fight.  Early in the round Fujii scored a knockdown by way of punches but Lao recovered and the rest of the round was fairly even back and forth striking with each fighter landing solid strikes.  Round two was all standing with the fighters working striking from a distance and each scoring well at times with the addition of a short break when Lao landed an accidental low blow.  Round three was also all standing action with hard punches coming in spurts from the fighters and Fujii pressuring forward with aggression after receiving another low blow that cost Lao a point.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Tanner Fujii.’s, “Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Brock Combs for his slick transition to get the armbar victory.

KO of the night goes to Canaan Grigsby for his Main Event KO grudge match victory.

Fight of the night goes to Latoya Walker and Brittany Walker for their back and forth exciting and fast paced three round fight.

Best in Health and Training,

JR Gordon

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