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Main event: Steel McCall vs. Tony Sims in a 155 lb. professional title fight. Both fighters showed crisp striking before going to the mat.  The rest of the round was McCall being active with submission attempts and Sims defending until using a punch-pass to set up a head and arm triangle choke that was defended until the bell ended the round.  Round two had Sims landing a hard punch that dropped McCall.  Sims followed with GNP to get the TKO victory and win the title at :13 of round two.

Jason Clayton vs. Cody Mumma in a 197 lb. professional fight.  The fighters traded hard strikes to start then Clayton staggered Mumma.  Clayton landed a series of punches that punched Mumma all the way across the cage and a punch that dropped him.  On the ground Clayton followed with GNP to get the KO victory at :15 of round one.

Canaan Grigsby vs. Jeremiah Talley in a 185 lb. professional fight.  6-7 times the scenario played out that Talley closed in for a takedown, Grigsby landed on top and Grigsby then let Talley stand.  On the feet both fighters were able to land very hard punches on each other, and both took them well.  Round two was nearly a replay of round one with the up and down action.  Once as Talley was slipping Grigsby landed a spinning backfist.  Off of the clinch Grigsby landed a knee to the head that dropped Talley and Grigsby followed with GNP to get the TKO win at 3:37 of round two.

Danny Mainus vs. Isaac Colon in a 135 lb. professional fight.  The fighters spent a prolonged time working probing strikes from the outside until Colon landed a kick to the groin.  On the restart both fighters landed solid with their strikes.  Off of a slip Mainus secured top position to work GNP and Colon tried for an armbar as the bell ended the round.  Round two was almost all standing striking with both fighters having periods of landing well with combinations and probing strikes.  Near the end of the round Mainus scored a takedown then defended an inverted triangle until the bell ended the round.  Round three had an early accidental groin kick from Colon.  No penalty point was taken and on the restart the fighters probed with strikes from the outside until Mainus scored a takedown.  Off of his back Colon was active with strikes and he worked his way to standing. From their feet Colon scored a takedown and flurried with GNP until the bell ended the round.  The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Isaac Colon.

Lacey Schuckman vs. Melissa Meyers in a 125 lb. professional fight.  The fighters traded strikes then clinched against the cage.  Off of the clinch Schuckman scored a takedown and worked into mount to work GNP. Schuckman then secured back control with a body triangle and she set in the RNC to get the victory at 1:35 of round one.

Tim Smock vs. Justin Moss in a 155 lb. professional fight.  The fighters traded strikes to start then it went to the mat with Moss on top working hard GNP while Smock was active with submission and escape attempts. Moss rose and let Smock stand.  Smock shot for a takedown but Moss ended in his guard and he worked GNP until the referee stopped the fight giving Moss the TKO win at 3:39 of round one.

Eric Murray vs. Chris Morgan in a 205 lb. title fight.  The fighters traded from the outside then spent a prolonged time in the clinch with each able to turn the other.  Murray initiated a takedown and Morgan almost turned him to end on top; but Murray ended in side control.  The fighters worked for position with Murray ending in back control.  From the back Murray set in the RNC to win the title at 2:02 of round one.

Nekah Dmitriyeva vs. Mallory Martin in a 117 lb. fight.  Round one had good striking from both to start then Martin ended on top when it hit the mat and she controlled position and worked GNP and threatened with submissions until the bell ended the round.  Round two had both fighters landing power combinations before Martin scored a takedown.  From side control Martin transitioned to mount then secured an arm when Dmitriyeva tried to roll to escape.  From the belly down position Martin was able to lock out the submission and get the win at 1:00 of round two.

Tyler Cutsforth vs. Kevin Doremus  in a 145 lb. fight.  The fighters traded fast and crisp punches to start then Doremus scored a takedown.  On the mat the fighters worked for position and Cutsforth was able to trap a leg and score the submission victory by way of kneebar at 1:07 of round one.

Nate Strong vs. Brandon White in a 175 lb. fight.  White landed strong punches early then ended on top after Strong shot for a takedown.  On the mat White worked from north/south to mount to back control to lock in the fight ending RNC with the end coming at 1:33 of round one.

Josh Sudmeier vs. Isaiah Patskowsky in a 135 lb. fight.  From north/south position on the ground Sudmeier got head control and set in a power-guillotine choke.  Patskowsky worked to his feet but Sudmeier pushed him into the cage and closed off the choke for the win with the tapout coming at :23 of round one.’s, “Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Tyler Cutsforth for his first round kneebar victory.

KO of the night goes to Jason Clayton for his :15 first round KO victory.

Fight of the night goes to Canaan Grigsby and Jeremiah Talley for their back and forth grudge match fight.

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