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F2W Pro 66 Results

Thank you for participating, applying and buying tickets last weekend to support your favorite fighter at  Fight To Win Pro 66 in Saturday in Houston


Here are the complete results for Fight To Win Pro 66 in Houston, TX.

Fight To Win Pro 66 Results Fighters paid $20,072 in commissions and salaries.
Black Belt Results

Marcos Tinoco defeats Jose Llanas Cross Choke

Matt Leighton defeats Inacio Neto Decision

Robert Yamashita defeats Anthony Mitchell Decision

Daniel Galvão defeats Carlos Martinez Knee Bar SOTN

Alexandro Ceconi defeats Ugo Armino Decision FOTN

Julian Vega defeats Ralph Sebexen Triangle Armbar

Brian Carequinha Marvin defeats Seth Daniels Brabo Choke

ED Ramos defeats Matt Vernon Brabo Choke

Drew Lockwood defeats KJ Kama Decision

Brown Belt Results

Chris Roberson defeats Ryan Walsh Decision

Alex Lane defeats Jordan Larsen Bow and Arrow Choke

Angelus Raymond McFarlane defeats Walter Harris Decision

DeNiro Kelly defeats Eugene Gutierrez Armbar

Davin Ordinario defeats Marcel Woodard Decision

Joel Heinen defeats Jerome Roseborough Decision

Paulo Henrique da Rocha defeats Luis Diaz Armbar

Marcelo Gomide defeats Luke Ljuba Triangle

Dinko Bektic defeats Armando Negrete Split Decision FOTN

Edgar Christian Benitez defeats Thomas Desouza Armbar SOTN

Nonso Ebede defeats Ben Patnode RNC

Purple Belt Results 

Chris Reyna defeats Jules Johnson Decision FOTN

Giancarlo Silvio Bodoni defeats Andy Van Hook Armbar

Mike Calimbas defeats Scott Lanham Foot Lock SOTN

Nando Vega defeats Mike Tracy armbar

Mariana Azevedo defeats Mo Black Choke

Randall Davis defeats Chris Reyna Decision

Miguel Dominguez defeats David Acosta Armbar

Carlos Vfa defeats Branden Gonzalez Bow and Arrow

Teen Results

Michael Amico defeats Gabriel Wright Armbar SOTN

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