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F2W Pro 72 Results

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F2WPRO72 Pittsburgh Results

Fighters paid $18,860 in commissions and salaries 62.8% Submission Rate!

Black Belt Results
Tom DeBlass defeats Lou Armezzani Heel Hook SOTN
Isaac Greeley defeats Jon Stutzman RNC
Tommy Costa defeats Kevin Goodwin decision
Cameron Lienhart defeats Joshua Cole Triangle
Tom Scala defeats John Lawrence Heel Hook FOTN
Jay Wadsworth defeats Jacob Miclot Toe Hold
Rob Hileman defeats Nate Stevens Heel Hook

Brown Belt Results
Georgina Staley defeats Abi Pacinelli Decision
David England defeats Justin Kantorik Decision
Brian Gumbs defeats Johnny Boswell Bow and Arrow
Dave Marghella defeats Mike Little Kimura FOTN
Alan Eric Gumbs defeats Mark Farrell Flying Armbar SOTN
Aline Krisner defeats Lauren Timco Decision

Purple Belt Results 
David Matiaz Gonzalez defeats Mike Ross Heel Hook
Michael Haskett defeats Chris Ellis Heel Hook
Edward Bean defeats Aaron hannan Knee Bar SOTN
Micah Thor Metz defats Dylan Davis Decision
Daniel Stapinski defeats Evan Anastacio decision
Andrew Pardee defeats Aj Bosley Split Decision FOTN
Trung Duong defeats Ryan Croyle RNC
Darla Sedlacek defeats Rebecca Blair Decision
Vince Meng defeats Luke Lago Heel Hook
Josh Fremd defeats Julian Flenory Decision
Christopher Passerrello defeats Jeptah Orstein Kimura
Ryan Arreola defeats Justin Bensema Decision
Collin Caprini defeats Andy Anderson Head and arm choke
Shane Valko defeats Shawn Rail Guilotene
John Cadwalader defeats Jacob Myers Propst Armbar
Justin Michael defeats Jacob Just Kimura
Chris Dempsey defeats Calvin Tacey Split Decision
Jeff Mock defeats Trung Duong Decision
Marc Sestok defeats Ken Robison Decision

Kids and Teens
Gage Heilbrun defeats Liam Clark Armbar FOTN
Hassan Bazzi defeats Brady Joling Armbar SOTN

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