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Fight To Win and World Grappling Circuit Rules and Points


Action Pts   Division Min Division Min
Mount 4   Kids 3 Kids 2:30
Taking the back (Hooks in) 4   Teens 4 Teens 3:30
Guard Pass* 3   adult nogi 5 adult nogi 4:30
Take down-No longer scoring snap down 2   GI (W/B/P/B&B) 5/6/7/8 GI (W/B/P/B&B) 5:00
Knee on Belly 2          
Sweeps* 2          
Stalling will be called after 20 sec 1 warning -1          
We are no longer scoring the snap down. Takedown must have the back hit the ground and control for 1 second            
*Player may combine Guard Pass & Mount (7pts) or Sweep & Mount (6pts)      


    Gi: Blue or No Gi: Beginner      
      Any arm joint lock      
Kids/ Teens     Any Choke      
Any arm Joint Lock     Straight ankle lock      
All chokes     No knee bars      
No Leg Locks     No Toe Holds      
No Spinal attacks     No Heal Hooks      
NO STANDING GUILLOTEENS     No Calf/bicep slicer      
      No spinal attacks      
Gi: White or No Gi:Novice            
      PURPLE/INTERMEDIATE Gi: Brown/Black or No Gi: Advanced    
Any Arm Joint Lock     Any Joint Lock
Wrist Locks
 Wrist Locks    
Any Choke     Any Choke Any Joint Lock    
Straight ankle lock     Straight ankle lock Any Choke    
No knee bars     knee bars Straight ankle lock    
No Toe Holds     Toe Holds knee bars    
No Heal Hooks     No Heal Hooks Toe Holds    
No Calf/bicep slicer     No Calf/bicep slicer Calf/bicep slicer    
No spinal attacks     No spinal attacks No Heal Hooks