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2012 Events

2012 Texas Championships Arnold Grappling 2012
TOC 10 TOC 9

2011 Events

Texas Open 2011 Fight To Win Nationals  
Colorado Open 2011 Results Fight to Win Europa  
CO State Championships 2011 Texas State Open 2011  
2011 Atama Open Tounrament of Champions 8  
Tournament of Champions 7 Texas    

2010 Events

Iowa Grappling Championship 2010 ADCC 2010 2010 Atama Open Results
2010 Colorado Open 2010 Texas Open Results F2W Nationals
Texas BJJ Championship 2010 Colorado BJJ State Championship Rupture Houston Jiu Jitsu Championships
Century Grappling Championship Tournament of Champions 6  

2009 Events

TOC 5 Dollumar Sports Classic 2009 Colorado Open 2009
Texas Open Tournament of Champions 3 TOC 2


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