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Friday night April 19, 2013 at The National Western Event Center in Denver, Colorado the Fight To Win promotion held their, “Hooligans” event.  There were 12 fights on the card including one women’s fight and two professional fights.

Main event: Steele McCall vs. Chase Hackett in a 155 lb. professional fight.  The fighters landed crisp strikes to open with Hackett able to drop McCall.  Hackett followed with strong GNP but McCall survived and Hackett transitioned to back control and spent the remainder of the round working for an RNC that was defended until the bell ended the round. Round two had smooth and accurate striking to start then the fight hit the mat and McCall worked striking from the top.  The fighters scrambled for position and McCall took back control.  When McCall postured to strike Hackett tried to escape and in the scramble McCall set in a D’Arce choke that he closed off for the main event victory at 2:18 of round two.

Joe Ochoa vs. Jeff Newbrough in a 205 lb. professional fight.  The fighters traded hard and powerful strikes with both landing well before clinching.  Against the cage the action slowed and the referee separated the fighters.  On the restart each fighter was able to rock the other.  In the clinch Newbrough landed a knee that stunned his opponent and he followed with a flurry of knees to the face of his opponent until he dropped giving Newbrough the KO at 1:39 of round one.

Diego Alvarez vs. Matt Johnson in a 155 lb. title fight.  Round one was a very fast paced hard fought round with Johnson switching between striking and takedown attempts while Alvarez displayed a varied striking attack and good takedown defense.  Round two had fast paced action with Johnson landing hard strikes, and landing them often while Alvarez displayed a good chin as he looked to counter punch.  Off of a punch flurry Johnson got a takedown, secured back control and closed off the RNC to win the title at 2:11 of round two.

Malcomb Vrecenar vs.  Alonso Garcia in a 170 lb. title fight.  The fighters traded strikes from the outside until Garcia clinched and got a takedown to work GNP.  Vrecenar worked to his feet and landed good punches but Garcia took him down and ended the round on top working GNP.  Round two went to the mat early and all round Garcia worked between GNP and working to improve position while Vrecenar was active with submission and escape attempts.  Round three  had Garcia taking it to the mat and working solid GNP until Vrecenar spun for a leg and ankle attack.  Garcia positioned himself for the escape then took top position to end the round working GNP.  The scorecards were read and the title winner was Alonso Garcia by unanimous decision.

Long Lo vs. Jon Vigil in a 145 lb. fight.  The fighters came to the center of the cage and Lo threw hard punches while Vigil looked for a takedown.  Lo defended the takedown initially but Vigil stuck with it until he put Lo on his back.  Lo immediately spun for and secured an armbar that he closed off for the win at 1:04 of round one.

Josh Watson vs. Peter Straub in a 170 lb. fight.  Round one was all standing action with both fighters throwing hard fast and accurate strikes with Watson able to land the more damaging blows and ward off the takedown attempts of Straub.  Round two went to the mat when Straub clipped Watson and dropped him.  They came back to standing before Straub got a takedown but Watson took back control and worked for an RNC until Straub turned in.  Watson escaped to standing but Straub leg swept him and ended the round with back control working GNP and RNC attempts.  Round three hard fast striking by both before it went to the mat.  Watson escaped from having Straub on his back, but Straub very quickly and very smoothly transitioned to a triangle choke that he closed off for the win with the tapout coming at 1:14 of round two.

Dean Burley vs. Jeremiah Talley in a 185 lb. number one contender fight.  The fighters started with fast punches before clinching where Talley worked dirty boxing before taking it to the mat.  On the mat Talley controlled position, worked GNP and worked for arm locks while Burley worked his defense.  Round two had Burley press forward with strikes then Talley trapped a kick for a takedown.  On the ground Talley spent the rest of the round working hard GNP and threatening with deep head and arm triangle  submission attempts.  Burley defended until the bell ended the round.  Round three had Burley looking to close in with strikes but Talley got the clinch and scored a takedown.  Once it was on the mat Talley controlled position and spent all round working GNP while Burley tried for submissions and escape attempts.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Jeremiah Talley.

Brandon Heredia vs. Cory Sandhagen in a 140 lb. fight.  Round one had very fast paced action all round with both fighters landing hard strikes, takedowns and working for position and GNP when on the ground.  Round two had very hard strikes landed by both fighters before it went to the mat.  On the ground Heredia was able to control position and work GNP until the bell ended the round.  Round three had the fighters trade hard strikes before Heredia took it to the mat.  Sandhagen was able to score a reversal  then take back control.  The fighters spent the rest of the round was spent with Sandhagen having back control, both striking and Sandhagen looking at times for an RNC.  The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Brandon Heredia.

Audrey Perkins vs. Melissa Myers in a 115 lb. fight.  After the fighters traded hard strikes from a distance they spent the rest of the round almost exclusively clinched against the cage working knees and dirty boxing.  Round two was more good striking both in and out of the clinch with Meyers landing well including several head kicks.  To end the round Myers scored a takedown into half-mount.  Round three had the fighters trading from a distance before clinching.  Off of the clinch Meyers scored a takedown, passed guard and ended the round in full mount working GNP.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Melissa Meyers.

Joey Zayas vs. Chris Morgan in a 205 lb. fight.  Morgan pressured forward with strikes to set up the clinch and a takedown.  On the mat Morgan flurried with strikes and the bout was stopped and Morgan was warned for an illegal back of the head strike.  On the restart Morgan again used strikes to set up the clinch into the takedown.  On the mat he worked GNP from mount until Zayas turned face down to escape the strikes.  From the back Morgan set in the RNC to get the submission victory at 1:07 of round one.

Chance Chin vs. Tyler Spurlin in a 140 lb. fight.  The fighters traded hard strikes to start and when Spurlin closed in Chin pulled guard looking for a guillotine choke.  Spurlin escaped, worked GNP and passed guard then set in a guillotine of his own that was defended until the bell ended the round.  Round two went to the mat early and several times chin worked back to standing but each time Spurlin was able to put him back on the mat.  Spurlin transitioned to back control in a scramble and ended the round working GNP from the top.  Round three had Chin landing hard punches before 
Spurlin scored a takedown.  Spurlin worked GNP until Chin scored a sweep.  From the top Chin worked hard GNP for the rest of the round while Spurlin was active with escape and submission attempts.  The judges’ scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Tyler Spurlin.

Keegan Byers vs. Derek Mainus in a 130 lb. fight.  Most of round one was striking with Mainus landing the cleaner strikes in and out of the clinch.  Near the end of the round Keegan shot for a takedown that Mainus defended and worked GNP from the top to end the round.  Round two was almost an exact replay of round one with Mainus controlling the stand up and controlling position when Keegan tried for takedowns.  Round three had good punches from Mainus that Keegan answered with a kick then a takedown attempt.  The takedown was stuffed and Mainus landed several uppercuts on the way to their feet.  The referee stopped the fight to have the Dr. check a cut on Keegan.  On the doctor’s advice the referee stopped the bout due to the cut and  the winner was Derek Mainus by TKO at 1:10 of the third round.

“Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Steele McCall for his main event winning D’Arce choke.

KO of the night goes to Jeff Newbrough for his flurry of knees that scored him the KO at 1:39 of round one.

Fight of the night goes to Brandon Heredia and Cory Sandhagen for their fast paced, technical and hard fought three round fight.

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Best in Health and Training,

J.R. Gordon

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