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Fight to Win presents: Machines
Written by JR Gordon

Friday night May 08, 2015 at the National Western Complex the Fight to Win promotion held their, “Machines” event featuring 12 fights with two professional kickboxing fights and two professional MMA fights.

Main event Luis Luna vs. Tony Sims in a 155 lb. professional title fight.  The fighters worked with strikes with Sims working from a distance and Luna looking to close in with power.  Sims scored a takedown but Luna came to standing quickly and the fighters traded strikes until an accidental low blow landed from Sims.  The action restarted and the rest of the round had Sims pressuring forward and Luna countering.  Round two had a prolonged period of standning with Sims again pressuring forward and Luna circling out of range.  Several good exchanges occurred before Sims scored a takedown to end the round working GNP from side control.  Round three saw Luna scoring well with power strikes to begin the round.  Sims landed a punch that visibly staggered Luna and he closed in with punches that dropped Luna giving Sims the title winning main event TKO victory at :39 of round three.

Danny Mitchell vs. Brock Combs in a 215 lb. professional kickboxing fight.  Round one saw both fighters landing Superman punches and both being able to land very hard leg kicks mixed with their punches.  Round two had more solid leg kicks from both fighters and Mitchell landing well to the body and both fighters flashing head kicks that the other blocked.  Round three had a faster pace and harder punches thrown, and landed by both fighters including a jumping knee from each.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Brock Combs.

Robert Gilstrap vs. Jason Lee in a 215 lb. professional kickboxing fight.  The fighters traded strikes with each mixing in hard leg kicks with their punches.  Through the round each was able to slightly stun the other un til LEe scored a powerful punch that visibly hurt Gilstrap.  Lee followed with a punching combination that dropped Gilstrap giving Lee the KO win at 2:40 of round one.

Santana Martinez vs. Ali Hanjani in a 155 lb. professional fight.  The fighters traded strikes from a distance then Hanjani stunned Martinez.  Martinez dropped his hands inviting Hanjani to punch him and Hanjani obliged landing a series of punches that scored him the TKO win at :38 of round one.

Daymar Ortiz vs. Nick Marr in a 145 lb. title fight.  Round one went to the clinch, then the mat early with Ortiz working from the top for a good part of the round, then Marr scored a reversal and ended the rest of the round working GNP.  Round two had good strikes landed by both then the fight hit the mat and each fighter spent time with dominant position and working GNP on the other and each keeping a very fast pace.  Round three had a b rief striking exchange then it went to the ground and for the majority of the round Ortiz was able to control position as Marr was busy with escape attempts.  The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Damar Ortiz.

Anthony Adams vs. Sonny Yohn in a 185 lb. title fight.  Round one had a very long feeling out process with Adams circling away from a stalking Yohn.  Yohn clinched and the fighters traded knees until Adams received an accidental low blow.  The fight restarted and Yohn evaded a takedown as the bell ended the round.  Round two had Yohn having ground control off of an early leg trip takedown but Adams scrambled to standing and the fighters circled from the outside with minimal engagement until the bell ended the round.  Round three had exciting back and forth striking exchanges in addition to Yohn scoring a takedown that Adams was able to get back to standing from.  The scorecards were read and the title winner by split decision was Sonny Yohn.

Miguel Delgado vs. Brandon White in a 170 lb. title fight.  White had accurate strikes including a multitude of head kicks to start the round.  White then trapped a kick for a takedown and Delgado was active with defense and escape attempts.  White stepped over for an armbar then trainsitioned to a triangle choke attempts, both of which Delgado evaded to end the round.  Rnd two had an early stop to the action after White landed an accidental kick to the groin.  On the restart the fighters traded hard kicks then White scored with a flurry of knees in the clinch against the cage before scoring a takedown.  On the mat Delgado flurried with body punches from his back while Whits worked to improve position.  Round three had Delgado landing multiple body and head punch combinations that visibly hurt White.  The fight hit the mat and Delgado came to his feet to score kicks to the downed White.  The referee stood the fighters when the action slowed and again Delgado scored well with punches and White scored a takedown to close the round from the top.  The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Brandon White.

Liana Johnson vs. Gigi Good in a 135 lb. fight.  Round one had Johnson scoring a knockdown with a right hand but Good got back to her feet to initiate a takedown.  Johnson controlled the fall but Good scrambled and the rest of the round was on the ground with Good working GNP and setting a very tight RNC that Johnson defended until the bell ended the round.  Round two was all standning with Good landing punches and knees with power and accuracy until she backed Johnson into the cage.  From there Good picked her strikes to score the TKO win at 2:11 of round two.

Jordan Johnson vs. Cody Yohn in a 170 lb. fight.  Round one had both fighters landing hard strikes to start then Yohn scoring a takedown to work from side control.  Twice Johnson scrambled to standing but each time he did so Yohn caught a kick and got a takedown to work GNP.  Johnson escaped one last time to end the round with both fighters standning and striking.  Round two hit the mat fast with Yohn scoring the takedown.  Johnson worked to escape and there was a prolonged scramble, but it ended with Yohn setting in a head and arm choke and after skipping to side control Yohn got the win with the tapout coming at 1:23 of round two.

Daniel Miranda vs. Gerald Scott in a 155 lb. fight.  The fight hit the mat early with Scott working from the top with strikes until Miranda tried for several armlocks and the fighters cam back to standning.  The fight hit the mat again, this time with Miranda on top working GNP as Scott was active with submission attempts until the bell ended the round.  Round two had a striking flurry to start with both fighters landing stinging punches before Scott took it to the mat to work GNP until Miranda escaped to standing.  Scott again scored a takedown and worked until the bell between GNP and defending submission attempts from Miranda.  Round three had a series of 3 hard leg kicks that landed for Miranda, but Scott got a takedown off of the third one and he spent the rest of the round working GNP and positional improvement as Miranda worked from his back for escape and submission attempts.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Gerald Scott.

Hee Sin vs. Max Madorsky in a 145 lb. fight.  The fighters spent all of round one standing with even back and forth exchanges and both fighters mixing their punches and kicks well.  Round two was also all standing with Sin scoring well with fast and accurate strikes while Madorsky landed with power strikes.  The round ended with both fighters flurrying in the clinch.  Round three was back and forth action with both fighters mixing their strikes including a variety of spinning punches and kicks, jumping knees and head kicks.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Max Madorsky.

Justin Steinbach vs. Justin Mortiz in a 145 lb. fight.  Moritz opened with hard strikes then the fighters clinched and Steinbach controlled the takedown.  For the rest of the round Steinbach worked GNP from the top and when Moritz tapped out Steinbach got the the TKO win at 2:59 of round one.’s, “Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Cody Yohn for his head and arm triangle choke victory.

KO of the night goes to Jason Lee for his first round KO win.

Fight of the night goes to Nick Marr and Daymar Ortiz for their fast paced, technical and entertaining title fight.

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