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Friday night October 24, 2014
at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado

Fight To Win promotions held their charity event benefitting ACE scholorships, “MMAMAYHEM 5.”There were 9 fights on the card including three title fights.

Main event: Sonny Yohn vs. Dean Burley in a 185 lb. title fight. Round one went to the mat immediately by way of a combination of Yohn getting a takedown and Burley jumping guard. The entire round played out with Yohn on top staying busy with GNP as Burley worked between trying to escape and using submission attempts. Round two again hit the mat early with Yohn working striking until the referee stood the fighters. Strikes were traded and Yohn clinched, Burley jumped guard, Yohn slammed him and the round ended with Yohn on top working a flurry of GNP. Round three as in the previous two rounds was almost all ground action with Burley having to work defense and escape attempts as Yohn was effective with GNP and positional control. The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Sonny Yohn.

Alex Escalara vs. Zac Walsh in a 175 lb. title fight. The fighters both worked power strikes with each able to score clean techniques on the other. Twice the fit hit the mat, but they quickly came to their feet. Escalara scored a takedown and worked to top position from where he flurried with hard GNP to earn the title winning TKO at 2:58 of round one.

Brandon White vs. Donald Bonini in a 175 lb. title fight. Almost immediately White clinched and landed an illegal knee to the head. The fight restarted and the both fighters landed very hard punches with Bonini able to visibly hurt White. Twice the fight hit the mat and the round ended with White in mount working GNP then trying to transition to an armbar as the bell sounded. Round two had more very hard strikes being thrown and landed by both fighters until White landed another illegal knee to the head that cost him a point. The fight restarted and both fighters landed hard combinations until White landed an accidental kick to the groin. The fight was again restarted and White landed multiple head kicks before the bell ended the round. Round three had White missing with a head kick then Bonini trapping a body kick and looking to take the fight to the ground. On the mat White settled into back control and flurried with punches until he scored the title winning TKO at 1:15 of round three.

Brittany Boone vs. Hanna Schaeffer in a 115 lb. fight. The fighters came to the center of the cage to trade strikes and Boone scored with punches and kicks that stunned Schaeffer. Schaeffer used her footwork to try to retreat but Boone closed in and did not stop punching until she dropped Schaeffer. Boone scored the KO at :18 of round one.

Patrick Davis vs. Dalton Valdez in a 160 lb. fight. The fighters traded hard strikes including a body shot from Valdez that doubled over Davis. Davis covered up and recovered and after several exchanges the fight momentarily hit the mat. It came back to standing where both fighters scored well with striked until Davis initiated a takedown. Valdez controlled the fall and momentarily had dominant position, but Davis reversed him, worked hard GNP from mount, then back control until the referee waved off the fight crediting Davis with the TKO victory at 2:30 of round three.

Chance Chin vs. Garrett Schaeffer in a 145 lb. fight. Round one had good striking exchanges with each fighter landing well until Chin scored a takedown to work GNP. Schaeffer scored a reversal and the fighters scrambled to standing to end the round trading fast and accurate strike combinations. Round two was all standing action with Chin pressuring forward and Schaeffer countering well. Both fighters were able to score, but neither visibly hurt the other. Round three had a fast pace with both fighters landing strikes until Chin scored a takedown. Schaeffer quickly scrambled to standing and the rest of the round was solid striking echanges. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Chance Chin.

Ethan Warren vs. Jonathan Coxe in a 170 lb. fight. The fight hit the mat early and Coxe was busy all round with GNP and positional control as Warren worked between escape and submission attempts. Round two had solid striking from both fighters before Coxe scored a takedown to work GNP until Warren landed an illegal upkick. The fight was restarted and Warren scored with knee strikes in the clinch as the round ended. Round three had a good striking exchange until Coxe scored a takedown. On the mat Coxe rolled for a kneebar and the action stopped again when Coxe landed a punch to the back of the head. The fight was restarted after a warning and Coxe scored a takedown, secured back control and flurring with punches to score the third round TKO at 2:49.

Grace Cleveland vs. Cady Kinzie in a 110 lb. fight. Round one was all fast paced standing action with Cleveland being able to visibly hurt Kinzie multiple times. Round two had Cleveland pressuring forward and landing hard strikes until she dropped Kinzie. The referee waved off the bout and Cleveland got the TKO at 1:44 of round two.

Justin Parker vs. Andrew Chavez in a 125 lb. fight. The fight hit the mat quickly with PArker working submissions from his back until the fighters stood. Chavez trapped a kick and took it to the mat again to work GNP as Parker was veryoffensive with his submission attack threatening several times with deep subissions. Round two began with back and forth striking exchanges until Parker rocked, then dropped Chavez. Parker followed him to the mat and scored with GNP to score the TKO win at :25 of round two.’s, “Of The Night” moments

TKO of the night goes to Grace Cleveland for her second round TKO victory.

KO of the night goes to Brittany Boone for her :18 second KO victory.

Fight of the night goes to Brandon White and Donald Bonini for their back and forth exciting title fight.

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