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Abe Gorjoux vs. Tyler Cutsforth

Round 1:

Cutsforth initiated the early aggression, and hip-tossed Gorjoux, and neatly transitioned into back-mount. ENDING IN A REAR NAKED CHOKE in 1:59 of the FIRST ROUND!

Cutsforth showed his superior grappling skills, bringing his record to 2-0. Keep an eye on this kid.

Winner: Cutsforth
Method: Rear-Naked Choke 1:59 of Round 1

Stewart Vs. Miranda

Round 1:

Stewart executed a nice high-crotch takedown early. Miranda spun in-guard and almost sunk an armbar, but bailed on it. Stewart spent much of the round Miranda’s guard. 

Solid round for these new guys!

Round 2:

Stewart, again, landed an easy single-leg takedown early in the round. Miranda is holding Steward close to his body in a closed guard. Miranda was able to scramble to his feet, and Stewart immediately pressured him against the cage. A NICE circle from the cage and Miranda transferred directly into back mount! 

The round ends with Miranda on Stewart’s back and fighting for wrist control.

Round 3:

Both men were swinging for the fences early in this round! WHEW! Stewart didn’t like the standup and immediately took Miranda down. Miranda is fishing for another armbar. The ground scramble ended back up on the feet. Miranda landed some solid punches and Stewart pressured the takedown. Miranda had a triangle 90% sunk, but time ran out on him. 

Winner: Stewart
Method: Split Decision

Eric Williams vs. Edward Smith

Round 1:

Short exchange on the feet led to a quick-clinch by Williams. Williams landed a SICK uppercut in the clinch and quickly followed it up with some vicious ground & pound. AND THAT’S A WRAP! WOW what a KO! 

Winner: Williams
Method: TKO :52 of Round 1

Brandon White vs. Patrick Davis

Round 1:

Great stand-up action early. A scramble ended-up on the ground and Davis landed a HUGE slam from inside the triangle – a risky move, but it paid off. Davis had white folded-up against the cage landing some good shots to the head. White tried to roll out of it, but Davis immediately took a no-hooks-in back mount.

Round 2:

Almost immediately out of the gate, Davis pressured White against the cage and took him down. Davis is stalling now a little bit. Davis keeps trying to stack him up and is landing some punches through the legs of White. 

Ref stands them up. And Davis goes guerrilla and starts winging some wild shots. White drags him down and takes his back! Nice reverse!

The 2nd round comes to a close.

Round 3:

Good standup early and White lands a clean head kick that grounds Davis. White follows Davis to the ground and had a good Arm Triangle, but bailed on it. NOW WHITE IS STACKING DAVIS UP! White is searching for an Americana -but bails on it again. 

Ref stands them up. 

Davis is taking advantage of the White’s fatigue and pressures him against the fence and lands a double-leg takedown. 

Round ends with White attempting an up-kick. 

This one is going to the judges!

Winner: Patrick Davis
Method: Unanimous Decision

Steve Stickler vs. William Anderson 

Round 1:

*I’ll tell you what, Steve Stickler already wins in the looks department. That is one scary looking dude.

Pitter-Patter strikes lead to a high-crotch takedown the shook the whole arena – MY GOODNESS! Good scramble on the ground with Stickler taking side-control. Stickler is landing slicing elbows from side-control and then immediately transitions into a slick armbar…..


Oh man…Anderson’s arm is hurt. Definitely hyper-extended. Ouch!

Medical staff is in there with him and he seems to be okay. Arm is held by his side. Poor guy. Get well, buddy.

Winner: Steve Stickler
Method: Arm Bar in Round 1

Zac Hare vs. Doug Saiz 

Round 1:

Both men are feeling each other out early here. Saiz is trying to establish his range and is loading-up that right hand. Hare didn’t want any of that and pressures Saiz against the cage. Saiz is looking for a Guillotine! – He’s not quite low enough though. Hare sinks a NICE double leg takedown.

Round ends with Hare in Siaz’s guard.

Round 2:

They touch gloves and Hare is momentarily stumbled by a lunging left hook. Taunting by Hare! Hare is talking smack in the center of the ring! 

Zac is getting his bearings back and lands a nice leg kick. Hare presses Siaz against the cage, and AGAIN, does a technical double-leg takedown. Hare is stacking Saiz-up here. OH MAN. He’s landing some nice hammer-fists from Saiz’s guard. 

Round ends with Hare in total control from the top. 

Round 3:

Saiz has got to go for the KO here. He’s swinging like a wild man, but Hare ducks underneath and drags him down against the cage. Hare is maintaining a dominant side-control and landing some nice hammerfists. HARE’S ON TOP IN FULL MOUNT! Nice transition!

Hare is landing bombs from the top! If Saiz doesn’t do something soon, this fight is going to get stopped. Saiz is practically giving Hare his arm for an armbar.

The round ends with Hare dominating from the top position. Zac’s wrestling was the X-Factor in this fight.

Winner: Zac Hare
Method: Unanimous Decision

Dante Florez vs. Ethan Warren

Round 1:

Flores landing a hard right hand early and he presses Ethan against the cage. Both of these guys are swinging WILDLY. Holy Cow. Big shot from Florez. Florez drags Warren to the ground and Warren is fishing for a Kimura, hard! Warren bails on the Kimura and Florez pops his leg over to full mount! Good ground scramble, and Florez ends up with Back Mount with both hooks in. Florez is looking for a Gable-Gripped RNC. 

Time ran out on Florez! 

Round 2:

Florez is taking some DEEP breaths. Now Warren has got Florez against the cage. This is a great back-and-forth for dominant position. Florez drags Warren down and we’re picking up where the 1st round left off – Florez has got back control with a body triangle. Florez is looking for that RNC again. Florez transfers to top-mount and then immediately to an Arm-Triangle – bails on the arm triangle in the final seconds of the 2nd round. 

Round 3:

Both guys are visibly gassed going into the 3rd round. Another exchange in the clinch and Florez pulls guard and goes for the guillotine. Warren jumped Florez’s guard and then went from top mount to back control in about 2 seconds! Great Jitz being displayed here by both guys. 

Warren has got a solid back mount and is landing pepper shots to Florez’s body. Florez is doing a good job protecting his neck.

The fight ends with Warren stuck on Florez’s back. Great back and forth fight from both Men. Awesome.

Winner: Dante Florez
Method: 29-28 Decision

Zach Walsh vs. Joe Miles – TITLE FIGHT

*Miles has an interesting choice in Walkout music here. A little Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on.” We thought Death Metal was the status quo for MMA fighters?

Round 1:

Walsh is stalking Miles early. Miles lands a HUGE overhand right that stumbles the challenger. Walsh ate it and is pressuring Miles against the cage and receives non-deliberate groin shot from a knee. 

The ref has called a timeout for Walsh to recover. 

Miles is muscling the champ against the cage and is delivering some HARD hammerfists to the thigh of Walsh. Walsh is literally carrying Mile’s weight here. This is a grueling fight. Round ends with both men against the cage and some dirty boxing. 

Round 2:

We’re picking up right where Round 2 left off. Miles is controlling the champ against the cage right in front of us. Miles is engaging the dirty boxing to the body with some nice liver shots – he is pummeling the champ against the cage. 

The champ tries to circle away from the cage, but Miles drags him down and transitions into back mount. He flattens Walsh out and sinks a quick RNC! Walsh is trying to fight it, but HE TAPS!


Winner: Joe Miles
Method: Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2

Matt “Pretty Hair” Johnson vs. Ben Rodriguez – TITLE FIGHT

Round 1:

I got goosebumps. We’re going to see a fist fight, folks!

Very quick exchange and Rodriguez pressures Johnson against the cage and muscles him to the mat. Rodriguez is in half guard, but Johnson scoots-out from underneath. Ground scramble ends up with both men getting to their feet.

They’re in the clinch and Johnson lands some hard body shots to the challenger. Rodriguez dragged the champ down with a knee-pick and landed in the Champ’s guard. 

During the last few seconds of the round, the champ was setting up a triangle, but the bell rang.

Round 2:

The round starts off with some ranging shots from the Champ, and then he completes a very nice pulling-single-leg takedown (GSP style). Rodriguez lands on the ground with the Champ firmly attached to his back. Johnson is trying to soften up Rodriguez so he’ll give up his neck. 

The round ends with the Champ in a dominant back mount position. 


Round 3:

Rodriguez lands a HUGE headkick right out of the shoot – we’re talking shin to the noggin!

The Champ recovers and now he’s pressing the action against the cage, and delivers a high-crotch slam to Rodriguez. Johnson transitioned to back mount and Rodriguez is trying to scrape him off against the cage. The champ has both hooks in – a scrape is going to be pretty tough in this position. 

Johnson is in full control of the back-mount and the last round ends with the Champ attempting to flatten Rodriguez out. 

Winner: Matt “Pretty Hair” Johnson
Method: Unanimous Decision

Heather “Wonder woman” Denny vs. Alyse Honnold – TITLE FIGHT

Round 1:

Alyse Honnold starts the round by charging at the Champ and delivering a few overhand rights to the side of Denny’s head. Wonder Woman has got a serious clinch game, sliding her hips side-to-side and delivering some nice uppercuts and knees to the face of the challenger.

Hannold escaped the clinch and they’re scrapping it in the middle of the cage. Damn these girls are bringing it!

Denny takes advantage of Honnold’s aggression and scoops her up in a double-leg takedown and dumps her. 

The 1st round ended with the champ in side control.

Round 2:

Honnold is relentless. She charges the Champ AGAIN and gets inside Denny’s clinch. The Champ circles away from the fence and the fight goes to the ground. Denny transitions to back control with both hooks in and she SINKS THE CHOKE!

Heather “Wonder woman” Denny retains her title with some sweet transitions to the back. Very impressive footwork by Denny. These women are Warriors. 

Great fight ladies!!!! 

Winner: Heather “Wonder Woman” Denny

Method: Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2

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