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Natural Born Killers Results



 Written by J.R. Gordon at

Friday December 06, 2013 at The National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado the Fight To Win promotion held their, “Natural Born Killers” show. There were 11 fights including two title fights and two professional fights.

Main event: Michael Riggs vs. Josh Cavan in a 174 lb. professional fight. The fighters clinched quickly and it went to the mat with each fighter able to secure good positions and work to standing before it went to the mat again. They worked for position and Cavan used his GNP to set up a transition to a Peruvian necktie that he closed off for the main event win at 2:29 of round one.

Nick Brown vs. Jeremiah Talley in a 185 lb. professional fight. The fighters traded strikes in and out of the clinch until they were separated and Brown warned for grabbing the cage. On the restart Brown threw a head kick that Talley trapped for a takedown. On the mat the fighters worked for position and off of his back Brown was able to set in a triangle choke that Talley defended for a prolonged period. Brown used the submission to unbase Talley then Brown switched to an armbar that he closed off for the tapout victory at 3:39 of round one.

Dante Flores vs. Don Westman in a 195 lb. title fight. Round one went to the mat quickly and almost all round it was Westman defending an armbar attempt from Flores. To end the round Westman took mount, then back control. Round two went to the clinch almost immediately with Westman looking for a takedown. Flores secured head control and when it hit the mat he rolled through and secured the title winning topside guillotine with the tapout coming at :23 of round two.

Erik Williams vs. Alex Escalera in a 170 lb. title fight. The fighters immediately began trading big power strikes with each landing well on the other. They stood toe-to-toe until Williams landed a right uppercut that scored him the title winning TKO victory at :16 of round one.

Andrew Lipp vs. Art Petrosyan in a 185 lb. fight. After hard punches were traded the fight hit the mat and Petrosyan secured back control and worked the rest of the round for an RNC that Lipp was able to defend. Round two was fast paced, exciting and technical back and forth action both on the feet and on the ground. Petrosyan was able to drop Lipp early but Lipp recovered and landed good strikes before Petrosyan scored a takedown to end the round ending with working for an RNC. Round three was primarily clinch work against the cage with both fighters working dirty boxing and good knee strikes. The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Andrew Lipp.

Nick Marr vs. Jorge Dominguez in a 145 lb. fight. Round one had strong striking by Marr with him scoring a takedown as well. On the mat Dominguez defended well and worked back to his feet so the fighters could end the round standing. Round two was primarily standing with Marr pressuring forward and Dominguez countering. Mid-round Marr scored a leg kick that dropped Dominguez and Marr worked for submissions until Dominguez escaped and stood. Round three started with striking from the outside with Dominguez landing several good uppercuts then Marr landed some hard leg kicks before the fighters clinched to finish the fight working against the cage. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Nick Marr.

Dalton Valdez vs. Mark Huerta in a 155 lb. fight. Round one had Huerta landing good strikes before scoring a takedown and controlling top position with GNP and submission attempts all round while Valdez worked to escape. Round two went to the mat after Huerta landed several damaging leg kicks. Huerta worked to back control and went back and forth between GNP and RNC attempts. Huerta landed an illegal strike to the back of the head and the fighters were brought to standing to end the round probing with strikes. Round three was up and down several times with Huerta scoring takedowns then the referee standing the fighters when the action slowed. On the ground Huerta landed an illegal elbow and lost a point, then the fight was stopped due to an injury sustained by Valdez. The injury was not from the illegal technique so Huerta scored the TKO win at 2:39 of round three.

Matt Murphy vs. Andrew Katers in a 155 lb. fight. The fight went to the mat after a solid striking exchange with Murphy ending inside the guard of Katers. Murphy controlled position and worked GNP all round while Katers was active with submission and escape attempts. Round two was almost a replay of the first with Murphy again controlling position after a takedown and Katers working for escapes and submissions all round. Round three had Murphy landing a takedown after the fighters traded strikes. The fight was stood by the referee when the action slowed and Murphy got another takedown but Katers worked to his feet to work dirty boxing until the ten second clacker sounded. To end the round Murphy scored a big slam off of the cage. The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Matt Murphy.

Doug Brock vs. Kevin Doremus in a 150 lb. fight. The fighters came together and Brock landed a combination. Doremus countered with a double leg takedown into side control. In a scramble Doremus secured head control that he used to set up the fight winning guillotine choke with the tapout coming at :38 of round one.

Jordan Titoni vs. Josh Sudmier in a 145 lb. fight. The fighters came to the center of the cage and Sudmier immediately went to his back looking for an armbar. Titoni defended and took back control to sink in an RNC that he closed off for the win at 1:29 of round one.

Alan Lechuga vs. Sean Madden in a 160lb. kickboxing fight. Both fighters landed well with punches and kicks. The round was punctuated with a Madden roundhouse head kick and a front kick to the face, also by Madden. Round two had mainly striking from the outside with each mixing their strikes well. Round three had a very fast with Lechuga pressuring forward and Madden scoring with powerful counter strikes. The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Alan Lechuga.’s, “Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Josh Cavan for his Main event winning Peruvian necktie.

TKO of the night goes to Erik Williams for his :16 victory.

Fight of the night goes to Jorge Dominguez and Nick Marr for their back and forth action packed fight.

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Best in Health and Training,

J.R. Gordon

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