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F2W Pro 29 Results

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Black Belt Results
DJ Jackson defeats Vinicius Agudo via Brabo Choke
Joe Baize defeats Clay Mayfield via heel hook (Winner of
Muscle Pharm $3000 Sponsorship for Submission of the Night)
Paul Riley defeats Jason Matherley via triangle
Donny Wallace defeats Justin Cavender via wristlock
Eric Ingram defeats Javier Arroyo via split decision
Nick Albin defeats Jon Cobb via wrist lock
Mike Wescott defeats Chad Washburn via split decision (fight
of the night)
Chad Bingham defeats Bryan Tidwell via bow and arrow choke

Brown Belt Results
Sam Davis defeats Evan Ramsden via triangle
Emilio Alex Hernandez defeats Nathan Lindsay via toe hold
Clay Mayfield defeats Sterling Peace via triangle
Doug Newbern defeats John Burdine via heel hook (submission
of the night)
Breck L. Still defeats Jae McIntosh via split decision
(fight of the night)

Purple Belt Results
Miles Kirby defeats Jacob Grove via split decision
Julia Ramsden defeats Alex Betancourt via split
Ryan Christopher defeats Tyler Jackson via decision
Kenny Cross defeats Joe Sitter via bread cutter
Rick Bateman defeats Victor Duque via armbar
Nico Bowen defeats Lance Lawrence via split decision (fight
of the night)
Mike Thatcher defeats Jerry Burns via decision
Jeovany Ortiz defeats Kenry Trowers via flying triangle
(submission of the night)
Sandro Pasagic defeats Andrew Kordower via decision

 Teen and Kids Results
Julie Payet defeats Madilyn Lambert via triangle
Kenny Stewart defeats Andy Ortiz via split decision
Kevin Mendez defeats Seth Ritchie via decision
Reese LaFever defeats Marucs Kham via armbar
Joao Ribeiro defeats Kenney Harless via choke (submission of
the night)
Joseph “JJ” Bowers defeats Jonah Zeferino via
decision (fight of the night)
Ashton Newbern defeats Colton Meeks via decision
Gabriel Ribiero defeats Gage Buford via armbar
Megan Pence defeats Madilyn Lambert via triangle
Logan Saller defeats Rocky Davis via decision

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