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Written by JR Gordon at

March 06, 2015 at The Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado the Prize FIghting Chmpinship fight promotion held their 2015 show in conjunction with a concert by Everlast.  There were 12 fights on the card including 4 professional fights and three title fights.

Main Event: Chris Camozzi vs. Wes Swofford in a 185 lb. professional title fight.  The fighters circled the cage throwing probing strikes until Swofford threw a kick that Camozzi checked.  Swofford dropped to the mat having suffered a leg injury from the checked kick and the referee stopped the fight giving the TKO Main Event Title win at 1:26 of round one.

Tony Sims vs. Jay Sandvig in a 155 lb. title professional fight.  Round one had solid striking from Sims as well as several takedowns.  Off of his back Sandvic worked between submisssion attempts and trying to escape while Sims stayed active with GNP.  Round two had Sims pressuring forward with striking on the feet then working very solid GNP after scoring a slam takedown.  Round three had just bgun when the doctor asked for a time out to check the injuries to the face of Sandvig.  After the examaination, on the advice of the doctor the referee stopped the fight giving the TKO win to Tony Sims at :01 of round three.

Cody Mumma vs. Brock Combs in a 205 lb. professional fight.  There were very powerful strikes from both fighters until Mumma scored a takedown.  Combs was able to come to standing and the rest of the round had each fighter throwing strikes at full power with Combs being able to visibly stagger Mumma near the end of the round.  Round two had more powerful strikes from both until Mumma scored a takedown to set up strong GNP until Combs came to standing.  On the restart Combs flashed a hed kick then the fighters clinched and the action stopped for Combs to recover from an accidental knee to the groin.  On the restart the fighters clinched and Mumma dropped Cobs with a punch.  Combs came right back to his feet, but Mumma again landed a combnation to drop Combs scoring the TKO win for Mumma at 2:48 of round two.

Jonathon Wyderco vs. Skyler Donner in a 155 lb. professional fight.  The fighters traded strikes to begin until Donner scored a takedown.  Wyderco worked back to standing and there was a striking exchange until the the fight was momentarily stopped and Wyderco was warned for an accidental punch to the back of the head.  On the restart Wyderco pressured forward with strikes and dropped Donner.  On the mat Wyderco worked a prolonged series of GNP strikes to earn the TKO win at 3:10 of round one.

Christopher Morgan vs. Anthony Harvey in a 205 lb. title fight.  The fighters traded very hard punches with Morgan scoring several takedowns and HArvey able to come right back to standing.  From the clinch the fight was stopped and Harvey lost a point for grabbing the cage.  The fight restarted and Morgan worked deep shots for takedowns and the round ended with hard punches being traded from standing.  Round two was primarily ground action with Harvey controlling position and working GNP as Morgan worked to try to escape to his feet until the bell ended the round.  Round three had the fighters trading in the center of the cage before Morgan initiated a takedown but Harvey was able to take top position and work strikes almost all round as Morgan worked to improve his position.  The bell ended the fight, the scorecards were read and the fight was a draw.  In this case the judges are asked to make a final decision and the title winner by judge’s decision was Anthony Harvey.

Gigi Good vs. Nicco Montano in a 135 lb. title fight.  Off of the clinch against the cage Montano scored a takedown and she worked between positional control, GNP and submission attempts until she was able to sink in the title winning RNC with the tapout coming at 2:55 of round one.

Corey Sandhagen vs. Jorge Dominguez in a 135 lb. title fight.  Fast and accurate strikes were traded throughout round one with the fight hitting the mat just briefly several times, but each time the fighters quickly came to standing to again trade strikes.  Round two had a very fast pace throughout with Sandhagen twice being able to score takedowns and work GNP as Dominguez was active off of his back before working back to standing to end the round  Round three had both fighters scoring well including several combinations from Sandhagen that visibly stunned Dominguez.  Several times Sandhagen was able to score takedowns and work solid flurries of GNP.  The bell ended the round, the scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Cory Sandhagen.

Brittany Boone vs. Audrey Perkins in a 115 lb. fight.  Boone scored first with strong combinations but Perkins stayed calm and was able to clinch and take the fight to the mat.  On the ground multiple scrambles took place with Perkins trying for multiple submission attempts from multiple positions.  In the end Perkins was able to trap and extend an arm with the tapout victory coming at 2:51 of round one.

Kyle Renton vs. Jonathan Coxe in a 170 lb. fight.  The fightere had an exchange of fast, hard and technical strikes before Renton scored a takedown.  When Renton tried for back control Coxe worked to standing and the fighters worked strikes from the clinch.  After separating Renton dropped Coxe with a flurry and the follow-up GNP from Renton scored him the KO victory at 2:17 of round one.

Travell Erwin vs. Joey Chase in a 265 lb. fight.  The fighters came out throwing hard punches with Erwin landing with mor eaccuracy.  The fighters clinched and both tried for takedowns that were defended leaving the majority of the round to be played out in the clinch against the cage.  Round two was almost all fought against the cage with the fighters clinched and trading knee strikes.  To end the round Chase scored a lateral drop ending in side control as the bell ended the round.  Round three was mainly clinch fighting until Erwin scored a takedown and immediately flurried with GNP to score the TKO win at 2:24 of round three.

Grace Cleveland vs. Mallory Martin in a 115 lb. fight.  The fighters traded evenly to begin then Martin pressured forward and scored a takedown.  On the mat Cleveland tried for an armbar but Martin defended and controlled position as well as working GNP until the bell ended the round.  Round two had the fighters working strong from the clinch then going to the mat with Cleveland on top.  In a scramble for position Martin trapped an arm, adjusted her position and scored a submission victory with the tapout coming at 1:44 of round two.

Travis Vold vs. Joe Labriola in a 205 lb. fight.  The fighters spent almost all of round one exchanging back and forth strikes with each able to land stunning strikes on the other.  To end the round Labriola scored a head snap takedown but Vold took top position until the bell ended the round.  Round two had good punches to start then Vold scored a takedown and controlled position and worked GNP all round as Labriola worked defense and escape attempts.  Round three had punches and kicks exchanged to start then Vold scored a takedown and spent the rest of the round in mount working GNP.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Travis Vold.’s, “Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Audrey Perkins for her first round armbar victory.

KO of the night goes to Cody Mumma for his second round TKO win.

Fight of the night goes to Cody Mumma and Brock Combs for their fast paced action packed bout.

Best in Health and Training,

JR Gordon

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